RavenQuill Corvidae

Talon Tips & Inner Breast Quill Tip & Quill Tip Drawer Keyboard w/ Clock & Temperature Quill Tip Light Multi-level Surfaces
Bilateral Design Wrist Support RavenQuill Corvidae Design Display Platform Wrapping Surface
Wire Management Talon Tip Power Distribution Box Wrapping Design Right Quill Front Breast Plate
Designed and rendered by New York artist Robin K. Adams.
The RavenQuill Corvidae is a limited edition workstation unlike traditional desk or workstation configurations that are based on rectangles. The Corvidae features curved surfaces that form a uninhibited, ambidextrous space. The distance from tip-to-tip is just over 8 foot while the total main work surface area is over 10 foot.  The Corvidae is a single-seat workstation that features two feather panels connected by a curved wedge (forming a half-circle).   A large display platform is located in the center containing a drawer and providing a lifted surface for the display and any multi-media devices (i.e. speakers, microphone or web cam). A reverse-curve input tray (keyboard/mouse) is located below the main work surface along with two wing-tip feather drawers. The unit is supported by an arch which eliminates obstruction below the work surfaces. The Corvidae base model comes equipped with 360 degree (front and rear) motion detection, automated, adjustable low-voltage perimeter lighting, built in clock and thermometer and  two wing-tip lights all adjusted from the control panel. External lighting and desktop devices can be easily integrated and controlled through the motion detection.
Optional Tip-Feather cases can be equipped with a "built-in" computer system or be used to accommodate as many as two existing computer systems. When equipped with a computer, the Corvidae can feature fingerprint access, dual mouse input devices and a Web camera.  Virtually any peripheral device can be added optionally. The Corvidae is a combination of solid oak and oak laminated panel (surfaces in excess of 12 inches) finished with a satin polycrylic.

The RavenQuill Corvidae is a component piece design of the Companion technology.

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