Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why not have your uncle or your best friend shoot the video with their phone?

Even though your friends and family have the best of intentions, there are a number of reasons why you might not want to place them in the precarious position of video taping or photographing your wedding. First, they will likely be guests participating in the celebration of your wedding. Having the responsibility for capturing the beauty and festivity of your day places a real worry upon them. What if things go wrong? Let your guests enjoy your day with you. Second, while consumer cameras have come a long way, there really is no substitute for the quality and flexibility of professional cameras and equipment. All of our video and photo imagery is shot by skilled photo-videographers that understand where to be and when and how to "get the shot." In addition, your imagery is processed exclusively with Adobe products (considered the best in the industry).

2. What will the quality of our video be?

We at Ravenheart Images pride ourselves in the high quality we produce. First, we only use High Definition (HD) Sony, Nikon and DJI (drone and Osmo+) equipment. Using professional equipment ensures the highest quality resolution even when lighting is low. However, there is no substitute for "artistry." By this, we refer to the framing of a scene as well as the succession of images. Our work reflects keen attention to the details that bring your images to life and capture the essence of your day and the very special people in it.

3. What format will our video be delivered in?

DVD and Blueray media are limited to lower resolutions (DVD-480p, Blueray-720p) and have fallen out of popularity. We now deliver our video packages on USB media (2 copies). The USB media allows us the ability to deliver your wedding video in full High Definition.

4. How long will our video be?

Your full-feature video will be 45-120 minutes long. A separate "highlights" video (3-5 minutes) is included as well (include on the USB media).

5. How distracting will you be?

In all the years we have shot and produced video we have yet to have a single couple state that they even noticed us! We work very hard to place equipment strategically to ensure clear, unobstructed images without blocking your guests or distracting you. We dress professionally in black, we even wear shoes that are quiet!

6. How many cameras will you use?

We use a minimum of two HD cameras throughout the ceremony. While we have always relied on the quality of Sony equipment, we also use specialized equipment (i.e. DJI Mavik Pro UAV (drone), DJI Osmo+ and Vuze 360 degree camera for specialized shots).

7. What experience do you have?

Ravenheart Images has been producing video since 1984. We learned how to shoot, edit and produce video before the digital revolution began using Beta, VHS and Sony Video8 formats and editing on tape. Today, everything is shot in high quality digital format and edited using Adobe Creative Suite. In addition, we work with video production everyday producing a wide array of corporate informational and promotional videos. We consider video an art form and your day a canvas for our next great Ravenheart production.

8. What is the extent of your coverage?

Our goal is to provide as much coverage of your wedding as you desire. In our view, that can begin on the day of your wedding whenever you begin and end whenever you end, you set the time. We will work with you to capture all of the important memories of the day. In addition, we attend the rehearsal upon request. Often this is a source of real comradery between family and friends resulting in wonderfully candid footage.

9. How long after our wedding will we receive our video?

In most cases we will deliver your video within three weeks of your wedding. However, if there are additional services contracted it might be a bit longer. Also, there are times of the year that our schedule gets quite full. If we feel it could take longer than three weeks we will let you know before you agree to employ our services.

10. What is the pricing and what are the payment options?

Our pricing is simple, our wedding quotes start with a $200.00 booking fee (which holds the date and covers all non-production costs like travel, on-site review, setup and media) and $160.00 per event hour. ALL production services (i.e. shooting, editing and media preparation) are included (minimum of 3 contiguous hours). Your final production package will include a Highlights video (usually 3-5 minutes) as well as the full feature video (typically 45-120 minutes). Two media USB drives are delivered 3-4 weeks after your wedding (DVD or Blueray media can be prepared for a separate charge). A $200.00 downpayment is required to hold your date. The remainder is due by the day of your wedding. We accept cash, bank checks or the following credit cards:

11. What about UAS (drone) coverage?

Ravenheart Images is certified by the FAA to produce drone videography and photography. It is important to understand that there are many restrictions set by the FAA on air space. If you are considering the inclusion of drone footage make sure you request it early. Frequently we need to apply to the FAA for a waiver three months in advance to accomplish the flight. A drone sequence is free for weddings where 5 hours or more of coverage has been contracted. The service can be added otherwise for $250.00 for a 30 minute flight. Additional flights during the event are billed at $100.00 for up to 30 minutes.

12. What about 360° Virtual Reality Imaging?

Ravenheart Images has added 360° VR imaging for 2019. This new service is provided during the ceremony only and is provided at no charge for weddings where 5 hours or more of coverage has been contracted. It can be added for $250.00 (per 30 minute sequence) otherwise. Separate 360° VR videos are created from each sequence and can be viewed on mobile devices (phones and tablets) as well as computers.

13. How do we get started?

To get started please download and view a copy of our Imaging Production Contract. Next, give us a call at (518)-902-0290. We will complete a quote within 24 hours illustrating the particulars of your wedding and further outlining how Ravenheart Images can produce a video memory of your day that you will charish forever!

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