As important and popular as computing has become in modern society, its impact on human development is limited to a narrow collection of interactive devices and techniques.   Much can be gained in human development through the use of computing at a more intimate level.   The Companion idea is such a technology. 

The principle theory behind Companion is that computers can significantly enhance the human condition through constant involvement, observation, assessment and action.  A Companion system will employ a wide variety of natural sensory techniques to accomplish its work. Some of these will be built directly into the home, car or work space. Others will be deployed through common environmental elements such as appliances, furniture and art. Raven Productions, Limited is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with interior designers to design and render work or living spaces that utilizes the Companion technology.

Raven Productions, Limited is currently marketing the RavenQuill Corvidae as the first product of its kind. Other products are presently under development and will be available soon. 

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