Understanding Video Production

It is a common misconception to think that video has much in common either with film or photography. While there are functional similarities, video is quite unique as a medium and it is very helpful to understand how and where it is used effectively and where it is not.

Video, unlike film, is typically used to capture and record "unplanned" or "impromptu" events. Video, by nature, lends itself readily to "pick up and shoot" situations. Historically, video has been considered a low-end production medium as the quality could not rival that of film. However, with the development of High Definition, video is now considered a high-end production medium. We at Ravenheart Images strive to create the highest quality finished production possible. Most recently, we have upgraded our equipment to add resolutions up to 4K. We have also added unique cameras (such as the DJI Osmo+, Mavic Pro UAS and the Vuze 360 degree VR camera) allowing us to produce imagery that is fluid and stable, even from above (with the UAS).

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